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Aug FD Double Feature

Legend in the Making 1993 RX-7

Steve Ngan

Chicago, IL

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Aug FD Double Feature

No Nonsense 1994 RX-7

Jason Cameron

Fort Worth, TX

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This Month
Title: Homegrown Showstopper
Summary: Here we are, moving into our 3rd year! Time sure flies, but I know I've had a lot of fun doing RX Tuner Magazine. And I had a lot of fun with this issue! A photoshoot of a very unique FD in beautiful Logan, Utah ... covering some drift action in Chicago ... some NYC action. I really got some frequent flier miles for these stories!

Also exciting for me is FINALLY getting my project FD rolling again. Gary Hagner and I rebuilt the motor, installed the GT35R turbo-kit from and other goodies like the Xcessive motorsports cast Lower Intake Manifold and the lightweight pullies. This motor should rip with all the stuff I have planned for it. Next month look for me to go NUTS with parts installs :)

Thanks for hanging with us here at RX Tuner. It's been tough the last few months, not making a dime and having nothing but stress and reasons to quit doing the mag - but we're not in this to make money. Sure it would be nice, but we're doing this for love of the rotary! We'll keep doing this little rag and hope a few people enjoy and appreciate our efforts.
Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1
Issue Date: January 15, 2006

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