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Aug FD Double Feature

Legend in the Making 1993 RX-7

Steve Ngan

Chicago, IL

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Aug FD Double Feature

No Nonsense 1994 RX-7

Jason Cameron

Fort Worth, TX

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Title: Aug FD Double Feature
Car: Legend in the Making 1993 RX-7
Owner: Steve Ngan
Location: Chicago, IL
 Aug FD Double Feature

Title: Aug FD Double Feature
Car: No Nonsense 1994 RX-7
Owner: Jason Cameron
Location: Fort Worth, TX
 Aug FD Double Feature

Title: June Featured Car
Car: La Atrevida
Owner: Ramon Martinez
Location: Puerto Rico
 June Featured Car

Title: February Featured Car
Car: Jon's Boosted RX-8
Owner: Jon Phildox
Location: Philadelphia, PA
 February Featured Car

Title: December Featured Car
Car: Turbo 84 GSL
Owner: Victor Lopez
Location: New York, NY
 December Featured Car

Title: November Featured Car
Car: 1992 RX-7
Owner: Dan Beighley
Location: Okinawa, Japan
 November Featured Car

Title: October Featured Car
Car: AIT Racing FC
Owner: Robert Baltazar
Location: Pomona, CA
 October Featured Car

Title: September Featured Car
Car: GroundZero FD
Owner: Ralph Friend
Location: Portland, OR
 September Featured Car

Title: August Featured Car
Car: 20B Powered FD
Owner: Michael de Sousa
Location: Willemstad, Curacao
 August Featured Car

Title: July Featured Car
Car: Show Ready Turbo II
Owner: John Moore
Location: Chicago, IL
 July Featured Car

Title: June Featured Car
Car: 650hp FB
Owner: Louis Perea
Location: Patterson, NJ
 June Featured Car

Title: May Featured Car
Car: Dave Atkins 1976 Cosmo
Owner: Dave Atkin
Location: Puyallup, WA
 May Featured Car

Title: April Featured Car
Car: CARisma 2004 RX-8
Owner: Erwin Brucelas
Location: California
 April Featured Car

Title: January Featured Car
Car: CYMonster 1993 RX-7
Owner: Carlos Iglesias
Location: Florida
 January Featured Car

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